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Abrasive Waterjet Service
|   industrial, graphic and architectural

Precision H2O - Ultra High Pressure Waterjet Cutting Services Welcome to Precision H2O
Waterjet Cutting Experts Since 1992

PH2O is internationally known for abrasive waterjet cutting of architectural surfaces and industrial materials. Our goal is to provide you with the highest skill and finest material to your project at an affordable price.

What Do We Do?
We are a full-service abrasive waterjet cutting company that specializes in architectural and industrial cutting. We are internationally recognized and respected for cutting murals, logos, and medallions, industrial parts, prototypes and custom projects. Our cutting services have been supplied to Albertsons, Alfa Romeo, Boeing, Chevrolet, Disney, Dodge, ESPN Zone, Harley Davidson, Harry & David, Hollywood Video, Honeywell, Jackson & Perkins, Kaiser Aluminum, Marriott Hotels, Red Robin Restaurants, Safeway, Sheraton Hotels, United States Navy, Vons, and Westin Hotels.

What is Waterjet?
A waterjet is a cutting system that incorporates high pressure water coupled with garnet that pumps through a small nozzle. The machines use 55,000 psi water pressure with a velocity of up to 2,850 feet per second with a minimal kerf. Waterjet cutting services benefit both the industrial client along with the architectural community.

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